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At Meraki, we provide top-notch audio recording services tailored to a variety of needs. Whether you require voice-over work, dubbing, song recordings, or expressive voice data recording for speech synthesisers, we have the facilities, expertise, and experience to deliver superior results. We handle everything from casting to end-to-end project management, recording in our high-quality, welcoming in-house studio equipped with premium mics and equipment, ensuring crystal-clear sound.

TVC Voice Overs

Elevate your TV commercials with our expert voiceover services. We'll help you cast and record the perfect voice from our expansive voice bank that aligns with your brand's tone and message, making your commercials truly stand out.

Audiobook Recordings

Immerse listeners in your story with our comprehensive audiobook recording services. We provide casting assistance from our diverse array of voice actors and expert sound design, creating the perfect atmosphere that matches the mood and style of your book.

Speech Synthesisers

Power your AI applications with our high-quality speech synthesiser recordings. We boast a diverse voice bank, including talents in all major Indian languages. With thousands of hours of speech data provided to two of the world's biggest tech companies for their speech synthesisers, we are adept at creating a broad range of voice data to aid in the creation of realistic, expressive AI voices.

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