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Expanding your content's reach to a global audience demands a resonance with diverse cultures and languages. At Meraki, we provide exceptional audio localization services, encompassing language dubbing and M&E separation, to seamlessly adapt your content for various markets while preserving its original essence and emotional impact.



Language dubbing is a crucial aspect of content localization. At Meraki, we handle everything from casting to recording, offering seamless and natural-sounding dubbing in a variety of languages. Our voice bank boasts over 500 voice artists, representing a wide range of linguistic diversity across all major Indian languages. Our experts understand the subtleties of language and culture, ensuring your content maintains its original intent while resonating with your target audience.


Music and Effects (M&E) separation is a key component of audio localization. This process involves the isolation of dialogues from the background score and sound effects in a film or video, making it easier to dub the dialogues in different languages while keeping the original music and effects intact. At Meraki, we specialize in M&E separation and have successfully executed this for over 1000 TV episodes, ensuring your content is ready for global distribution without losing its aesthetic quality.

Music Equipment
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